Dan Pietens

Proudly Canadian, 31 year old pencil artist.

Over the course of my life I have undertaken several occupations and chased many careers including teaching, physiotherapy, and web development. It's somewhat ironic that the one that brings me the most joy is the one that I avoided longest.

Creating art that others, even strangers, are willing to display in their homes is the greatest honour I can think of as an artist.

Every piece I create, whether it be a commission or one for my personal portfolio, I make sure I develop a connection to it. By connecting to the subject I can be that much more passionate about what I am drawing. To me that’s the key to great art…passion and patience.

With every drawing I do, I approach it like it will be my last. Since returning to art this past year I have experienced wonderful support from family, friends and even strangers. Therefore, I feel as though continuing to share these pieces with others for as long as I can is a true gift.

Besides drawing, I have many other passions. Activities I enjoy include golf, volleyball, basketball, and drive-in movies. To be honest, I am more of a home-body as I love watching TV (anime, The Office, sports), playing board games, and video gaming.

I currently reside in London, Ontario, Canada. I have a loving wife and amazing fur-baby, Jake.