Jamie Thomas

Jamie Thomas was born in Hamilton , Ontario in 1979 and currently resides in Barrie , Ontario with his wife and two daughters. His list of clients include many pro athletes from the NFL, NHL, MLB and CFL, as well as private collectors from the trading card and fine art community. Jamie has also been involved in producing art for such charitable foundations as the Deacon Jones Foundation and the NLBM art auction in celebration of the 100th anniversary of the Negro league.

A self taught artist, Jamie first started drawing at the young age of 5 while sitting at the dinner table with his family. He recalls seeing the cartoon like figures of WWE wrestlers his brother was drawing and he wished that he draw them that well. By the age of 10 Jamie began to draw hockey players, in particular his focus was on goaltenders and states he was inspired by the masks and equipment they wore.

During the card boom of the late 80’s early 90’s Jamie began to collect trading cards and often purchased the card pricing book Beckett magazine, however it wasn’t just the prices of the cards that drew Jamie to buy the monthly magazine, it was what was on the inside of the front and back covers that made him spend his hard earned allowance money. The featured artwork of various sports artists had Jamie inspiring to one day have his work contained within the pages of the book, something he aspires to attain to this day. He would often try to draw the featured art and it was at this point in his life where he would decide just what type of artist he would become.

As an adult he had honed his skills to enable him to create realistic renditions of professional athletes and began receiving requests for commissions. It was at this time he began to pursue a carrier as an artist. In his early years his choice medium was graphite but in 2018 he made the switch to Acrylic paint and watercolor and hasn’t looked back since.