What are PhygiCards?

Welcome to the first link between NFT’s and physical trading cards!

Phygital is the concept of using technology to bridge the digital and physical worlds with the purpose of providing a unique interactive experience.

Buy the NFT, get the matching physical trading card too!  

As traditional collectors, we had a hard time wrapping our head around a digital only trading card. 

So we decided to create cards that linked to their digital NFT, giving collectors the best of both worlds.  

We don’t believe that you need to destroy your NFT if you want to keep the physical card.   Who says you have to store the physical card in a remote  warehouse?  

Not us.  Why not have both?  

Our cards come with an embedded NFC chip that can be scanned with any NFC-enabled device.   When scanned, the collector is given real-time authentication and ownership confirmation via the blockchain. 

Easy as 1-2-3

  1. Ensure your phone has the NFC service enabled.

  2. Scan your trading card. A quick touch of your phone to the card will suffice.

  3. Read the blockchain entry on OpenSea for properties, Token ID, edition size and ownership. 


No more questions about authenticity or ownership.  All confirmed with a scan of your trading card.

Our non-NFT trading cards will also be embedded with a NFC chip, providing collectors information on the print run of the card, as well as athlete and artist bios allowing collectors to verify the authenticity of their cards.

No other card company is providing this level of authenticity and blockchain confirmation. 

Welcome to trading cards evolved…