Blake Jamieson

Born in San Francisco, California in 1985, Blake Jamieson is making a name for himself in the art world. He has been compared to the likes of Shepard Fairey and Alec Monopoly. He started drawing at the age of 4, but his path to becoming a professional artist was not a straight line.

Despite the encouragement of his parents to study art in college, Blake chose what he thought was the “safe” route, studying Economics at UC Davis. After college, Blake worked in digital marketing for a variety of clients ranging from Fortune 500 Companies to startups.

On his 30th birthday, Blake decided it was time for a change. Rather than build someone else’s dream, Blake decided to pursue his own passions. On a 5-week trip to Barcelona, Spain, Blake was inspired by the rich history and culture of the city’s street art.

Upon returning to the US, Blake set up his first art studio in California. The studio is in a rustic barn on a 2-acre property in Marin County. For the following three years, Blake spent long days and late nights painting vibrant portraits, abstracts, and experimenting with mixed media.

During a trip to Las Vegas in 2017, while dropping off a portrait to Rick Harrison (Pawn Stars), Blake met former NFL player and current NFL manager Jarred Fayson. Jarred encouraged Blake to paint for professional athletes, introducing Blake to a few of his clients (CJ Anderson, Jahleel Addae, Corey Liuget). Blake has since leveraged those relationships to become the premier portrait artist for NFL athletes, and is quickly making a name for himself in other professional sports.

In 2020 Blake started working with Topps, redesigning 20 iconic baseball cards alongside 19 other artists for Project 2020. Since then he has launched a solo set, Topps 1951 by Blake Jamieson, and is currently working on Project70.

Blake's art is in the collections of Howie Mandel, Gary Vaynerchuk, Rick Harrison, and over 250 professional athletes in the NFL, NBA, MLS, MLB, NHL, and PLL. His art has also been purchased for international private collections, including in Spain, Canada, Dubai, Australia, and Switzerland.